Modern Ways to Wear a Victorian Baby Ring

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Children wore many styles of jewelry during the Victorian era. According to Morning Glory Collects "Coral beads, silver lockets, bead necklaces and little bracelets all were popular. Coral was thought to ward off ill health so even babies wore small beaded necklaces and bracelets of coral. "
While it might not be a popular daily practice in modern times, some parents still dress their children in jewelry for special occasions.


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As for us adults, jewelry collectors have thought of a few clever ways to wear these tiny pieces in a modern way.

Baby Ring Charm Necklace

A single, or collection of baby rings can be worn on a chain in place of charms. Single rings can be layered on individual chains for a cascading look. 

Antique Baby Rings as Midi or Knuckle Ring

Some antique baby rings might be large enough to be worn on an adult finger. They can be worn on the upper or middle knuckle. For this, you would need the ring to be at least a size 1 US. 

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Via LUXXOR Vintage
Have you acquired any antique baby jewelry for your personal collection? How do you like to wear them? Please share in the comments section below:

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